One-On-One Parent Coaching Sessions

Parenting is hard work and the challenges we face at one stage change into new ones as our children grow older. Now you can get help through the ups and down of parenting at every stage…and it’s just a phone call away. As a single parent myself, I understand the daily stresses and the desire to connect with my children and help them learn to express themselves in healthy ways. And as a licensed, clinical psychologist, I’ve been able to help many families manage stress and challenges.
Parent coaching sessions give you convenient and time-sensitive guidance to build stronger relationships with your kids and feel more confident about your parenting on issues such as:
* daily routines from getting out the door in the morning to getting to sleep at bedtime
* tantrums at home or in public
* fighting with siblings and learning to share with others
* dealing with transitions and talking about issues
* biting, hitting and other aggression
* setting limits with your children and disciplining them in healthy ways
* supporting your kids when they are sad or angry — or both
* building a better relationship with your co-parent

What can you expect out of a session?

You can expect compassion, confidentiality and empathetic support, from one parent to another. We’ll schedule a time that works well for you to tackle the issues you are facing and find the best ways to resolve them. You’ll get tips and tools to better understand and address your child’s behavior, and be better prepared to face similar struggles in the future. It truly does take a village to raise a child. Let’s work together to build your community of support and enjoy parenting without the struggles.

Parent Coaching Rates

$150 per 50-minute phone session
Or, purchase a bundle of three sessions for $135 per 50-minutes session ($405 total)