If you would like to find a new and effective way to really connect with your children, you will gain a lot from Robbin’s guest on today’s show, Patty Wipfler. Listen in today, to find out about Patty’s loving way of listening.

Warm and compassionate Patty, who has worked with thousands of families over many years,  is the author of the book Listen, which offers some groundbreaking tools for parents, to help to strengthen their connection with their children and to build their children’s intelligence, cooperation and their ability to learn. Join Robbin and Patty today to get some really great listening tools and learn how to address the root cause of your child’s difficult behavior.

Today, Patty talks to Robbin about:

  • Her childhood and how it lead her to believe that she was going to become a great mom.
  • How she came to realize that she was in trouble as a mom.
  • How her emotional dam burst when someone really listened to her, which lead to her joining a Listening Class.
  • The Listening Classes and how they evolved to listening to children.
  • The emotional support that parents need, in order to be good and loving parents.
  • How children’s confidence erodes when their parents don’t get emotional support.
  • How she really understands from her own experience, just how isolating life can be for single parents.
  • How having your own tantrums can help you to pay warm attention to a child doing the same.
  • How to support someone with real care.
  • How warm support can really help to heal the hurts of parents.
  • Special Time, another simple and powerful listening tool that really enhances the connection of parents with their children.
  • Laughter, a really great medicine for parents and children.
  • The benefits of having a regular practice of connecting with your child.
  • Ways to get your kids back into their right mind.


Patty’s website: www.handinhandparenting.org