Now that school is in full swing and the kids are (hopefully!) back in a routine, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to bring out this pre-recorded interview with Michelle Gale. Michelle is a kind and compassionate mother, who is encouraging parents with her own podcast, “Mindful Parenting in a Messy World.” Today, we sit down and chat a little about how to compassionately and mindfully connect to our children in the messy moments of life.

Michelle is going to share with us today her practical, easy to use strategies to increase our awareness in the middle of our messy lives. Along the way, you’ll pick up a few memorable moments from our own adventures in parenting. All of Michelle’s wisdom comes with a healthy dose of compassion, so if you need a pick-me-up, this episode is for you. Take a breath. Let it out. And let’s begin with Mindfulness!

More to learn in this episode:

  • Michelle shares how she teaches Mindfulness to everyone.
  • Why pausing and being Mindful brings power to your parenting.
  • Let’s dispel some of the common myths of Mindfulness.
  • Learning to be present in any Even the dull ones.
  • Michelle spills the beans on her new book.
  • How to cultivate self-compassion.
  • How the S.T.O.P acronym can help you in the heated moments.
  • Practice Mindful Listening after school this week.


Don’t forget to grab your copy of Michelle’s Book!

Mindful Parenting in a Messy World :