Welcome back, everyone! What a gift it is to see our Solo Parent Community grow and grow as we take this crazy journey together. I love that you have all been so honest with me about the triumphs and the struggles that you experience. Lately, I have been hearing from many solo parents that they struggle with feeling like they are never “good enough.” Being a single parent is tough and isolating. Our feelings of inadequacy can affect not just our self-esteem, but how we react towards our kids. Today, I want to talk a little bit about how to battle the “Not Enough” monster while also staying strong for our kiddos.

You’re tired. It’s the weight-of-the-world kind of tired. Sometimes, it feels like everything has been placed on your shoulders. How are you expected to carry that weight and pay the bills and raise healthy, bright kiddos? I’ve been there! I want to share with you how I learned to manage my unmet expectations, set boundaries, and talk through my own feelings of inadequacy. You are not alone in the journey! Reach out and let’s talk. The dishes can wait!

More in this episode:

  • Let’s pick apart the “I’m not Good Enough” Mentality.
  • How to sort through your unmet expectations.
  • Boundaries are a big deal! Tips from my family to yours for creating boundaries.
  • I share the story of when my self-confidence took some hard knocks.
  • Unlock the power of listening.
  • Know when to slow down on your own and slow down with your kids.


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