Hey there Solo Parents! This week is all about dating, with a fairly heavy emphasis on women and how they navigate relationships. For all our male listeners, we need your feedback too! There are tidbits of wisdom for everyone in this episode, and what a fun topic too. Dating, for better or for worse, is an exhilarating, complicated task. To help us out we sat down with Nicole DiRocco, a dating and life coach with an eye towards the kinds of struggles single parents will inevitably face once they step out into dating.

Once she started coaching, Nicole noticed that women in leadership positions, while seeing success in the working world, had a much more difficult time in the dating realm. The same could be said for a Solo Parent. As Nicole says, we are essentially the “CEO of our lives.” Used to initiating, taking charge, and setting terms, it can be difficult for a single mom to sit back and be pursued… Not to mention all the other vulnerabilities and anxieties we go through waiting for the phone to ring!

So how do we do it? How do we date with grace and respect towards ourselves and our unique stage of life? Check out this episode to see!

  • Nicole’s real world inspiration to form Dating With Grace.
  • Nicole discusses the biggest setback for “Alpha Females” in the dating world.
  • Initiating and taking charge in relationships.
  • Learning to say “Thank you,” without initiating. Receive his pursuit.
  • Self-care to combat the anxiousness within vulnerable moments.
  • Character, consistency, and communication.
  • What is the love-bomber? Nicole spills all the details!
  • Technology has changed the dating game. Save getting-to-know-you for in-person!


Nicole DiRocco, ACC                                                                

Dating and Relationship Coach for Executive Women

Visit:  Dating With Grace.me

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