One of the best things about this podcast is that we have such a fabulous community. I am thankful for all the comments and questions, and so this week I wanted to change the pace just a bit and tackle one such questions I’m seeing more and more often: How can I take care of myself while my children are away?

Ah, yes. Times of separation from our kids can be painful, uncertain, and difficult to manage. When we spend so much of our time and energy making sure our children are happy, healthy, and cared for, it can be jarring to not have those concerns 24/7. What can we do to take care of ourselves when we have this time? I want to show you in this episode that time away from your kids can be a gift in disguise. I’ll share some of my best ideas, and I hope to hear your self-care ideas in return. Together, we can do this thing!

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In this episode:

  • What are we doing for ourselves when our children are away?
  • Understanding and working through the grieving process.
  • Not just dealing with loneliness, but embracing it.
  • Healthy habits you can use to work through childless times.
  • How to handle anxiety when your kids are away.
  • My suggestions for re-filling your bucket.
  • Plan something to look forward to.

Books I love

Radical Acceptance by Tara Brock

True Refuge by Tara Brock


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