When a marriage ends, the effects are far-reaching—from the emotional, psychological, logistical…and financial. I’m sure for so many of us, the last thing on our minds when we begin our Solo Parent journey is our finances. Eventually, the bills start rolling in, and we have to look at the bank statements up close. Houses get sold, finances that were once shared are no longer in a joint bank account. Who can you turn to when you start swimming in dollar signs?

Enter Shawn Leamon, host of the “Divorce and Your Money” Podcast. Shawn is a Financial Planner and guru who is passionate about being there for folks who are living through a difficult time. Separation and singlehood can bring us many complications, so Shawn is here to help. Let Shawn’s experience and savvy be your guide in this info-packed episode of “Solo Parent Life.”

  • Shawn shares his first suggestions for post-divorce financial decisions.
  • Putting your finances in perspective with the long-term.
  • Hear Shawn’s three major goals for your finances.
  • When it comes to reaching your goals, start somewhere and start small.
  • Discussing the differences between the types of financial planners and advisors.
  • Removing the fear out of finding a financial planner.
  • The Big Question you need to know before choosing a financial planner.
  • What is this crazy word “Fiduciary” and how can it impact your future finances?
  • Interviewing as a free education process for the world of finance.
  • Common money management practices. Get informed now!
  • Preparing for all live events, both big and small.
  • Start investing today with “Robo-advisors.”


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Divorce and Your Money