Have you ever felt like you are a bad parent? Maybe you’ve felt this way because your child is having a meltdown in the store and you just won’t give them what they want. There are lots of other situations on a daily basis that can test our limits as a parent. Today’s show will offer some alternative methods to help your child through these moments of discomfort, in a way that will make it easier for you to parent in the long term.

Today’s guest is Taylor Ross. Taylor is a local parent consultant and I wanted her to come on the show today and talk about her role in consulting with parents and what she does to help parents stay connected to their children. She’s specifically talking about how to deal with those uncomfortable moments as a parent.

Taylor has a passion around having relationships that build connection and trust and parenting is her specialty. She helps in a variety of situations, such as behavioral issues or family dynamics.  She offers guidance and support to parents struggling to find a connection with their child when they are struggling with difficult emotions.  She helps families build a more connected and loving relationship between the parent and child.

Show Highlights:

  • Ways parents can take care of themselves and connect when their child is having strong feelings
  • Ways you can teach your kids how to have a healthy relationship with disappointments.
  • It is important to be able to give yourself an “out” when you aren’t prepared to parent compassionately in the moment.
  • Just because we hold a boundary, doesn’t mean we can’t be empathetically connected with our child in the moment.
  • The uncomfortable moments in parenting are opportunities to connect and deepen our parent/child relationships.
  • Ways to be kind to yourself and engage in self-care.

Connect with Taylor: