My guest today is Jax Anderson, of Psykotherapist.com. We are in a Facebook group for therapists together that focuses primarily on marketing, especially through videos. Jax’s work is primarily with teens, and she’s created some cool videos about how to talk to your teen, along with other helpful resources for parents, teachers, and counselors. Two topics that Jax is passionate about are helping 8th graders transition to their high school years, and how to manage a bullying situation. Join us!

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • About Jax: she’s a Scorpio from Wisconsin who started her private practice in 2014, and she fell into work with teenagers in the second phase of her counseling career, after a short stint in law enforcement
  • The difference “being real” makes with teenagers
  • How we give teens a safe place to be themselves: Be congruent
  • The “adults-in-training” perspective
  • Preparing teens for high school: The worksheets and topics in Jax’s summer series
  • Why repetition is CRUCIAL for teens
  • The biggest topics for teens entering high school:
    • Making/maintaining friends
    • Managing a bully
    • Communication
    • Confidence
  • The value of role-playing and modeling
  • How to deal with bullies: don’t ignore them, use sarcasm, and don’t stay and engage them
  • Learn the best responses to a bully
  • What a bully wants: to feel superior


Psykotherapist (Visit Jax’s online store, watch videos, and check out her blog!)