If you enjoyed learning about the Hand In Hand approach to connecting with your children and you would like to know more, you will really gain a lot from today’s show, with Robin Setchko as the guest. Robin was the leader of the Hand In Hand Intensive Group, which was featured in episode 23 of this show (Parenting Through Connection www.soloparentlife.com/23). Listen in today, as she talks to Robbin about her work with Hand In Hand and how it’s helped her, both as a professional and as a  parent.

Robin, who lives in Northern California, is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and she’s also the parent of two young adults, a 25 year old daughter and a 22 year old son. She works a lot with parents and also with individuals. More and more of her work has moved towards working with parents, as she’s found that raising children and wanting the best for them has shown to be a really effective way to bring things up in parents, that need to be worked on. Listen in today and find out more about how you can move closer to your children, as you move things out of the way.

Today, Robin and Robbin discuss:

  • That Robbin finds the Hand In Hand way of helping people learn how to coach others through first doing it themselves in their own lives, to be really powerful.
  • How long Robin has been a Hand In Hand instructor and how she first got involved with it.
  • That there is the sense with parents that they need to do something, yet it’s not that, it’s about really listening.
  • That often, just your presence with your children is enough.
  • Robin explains what is meant by processing emotions.
  • How people recover through the proper processing of emotions.
  • How children grow, neurologically through this process and how this forms the foundation for good relationships later on in life.
  • The unique and transformative effect of the deep and warm support that Robin received from other parents with Hand In Hand and how it impacted on so many other areas in her life.
  • What the Stay Listening concept looks like.
  • How being heard helps you to think better.
  • That all parents really do tend to relate to each other in a profound way.
  • How Robin has seen this process work with the families that she works with.
  • The parallel process that parents go through while raising their children.
  • The relief of just ‘saying it as it is’ and not having to put a good spin on things.
  • The passionate journey of loving your children.
  • What Robin says to parents who think that this approach will indulge their children’s inappropriate behavior.
  • The more often that your children can recover, in your presence, the less likely they will be to behave inappropriately.
  • How children learn, through this process, that they can trust that you will help them.
  • The role of faith in this process.
  • That, through this process, children eventually come to know that they’re heading for a meltdown and will then look to ‘offload’ to you, or to someone safe.



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