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Would you like to learn to deal with stress on demand, in the moment? Or to be an example to your kids of how they can cope with challenging times? Then listen in to today’s guest, Dr. Melanie Greenberg and learn about how you can transform life’s stresses to positive motivation.

Melanie is a psychologist, coach, speaker, and author, who helps people to manage the stress in their lives. She has recently written a book called The Stress-Proof Brain, due to be released at the end of January. Join her and Robbin today, as they discuss ways that you can get back to the present and connect with your kids, when feeling stressed, overwhelmed and flooded with negative feelings.

Today, Melanie talks to Robbin about:

•The effects of stress on the brain.

•The value of mindfulness.

•How you can raise resilient kids.

•Techniques for you to move out of stress and into observation.

•Using your breath as an anchor for mindfulness.

•The value in having a daily mindfulness practice.

•Deep breathing to ground you quickly.

•Building your mindfulness muscle.

•Changing your relationship with negative thoughts.

•Breaking the cycle of ruminant thoughts.

•Dancing with your kids and coloring yourself calm.

•The ripple effect of practicing mindfulness.


Melanie’s website: www.drmelaniegreenberg.biz

Melanie’s Book: The Stress Proof Brain


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