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Nick Bender, the guest on today’s show, is the 27-year-old single dad of a gorgeous 5 1/2-year-old son. He also has a podcast, called Single Parent Podcast, a nitty gritty bare bones kind of show, offering great suggestions to single parents about all aspects of single parenting.

Today, Nick talks to Robbin about how much he loves living the life of a single parent. He also talks about his podcast, how it came about, his motivation in doing it and how it has helped him to grow into becoming a better co-parent. Listen in and find out how you too, can create a better life for yourself and your child, going solo.

Nick and Robbin talk about:

  • What Nick has learned about the court system and how it can help you.
  • How his podcast has helped him to better articulate his thoughts and feelings around being a parent.
  • Nicks “recording studio” in his car.
  • The amount of energy it takes to be a single or a co-parent.
  • How he came to love his single parent life by embracing it.
  • Why Nick thinks it’s easier to be a co- parent than to be married with kids.
  • Why it’s really important to spend time alone.
  • The 3 things Nick recommends to make co-parenting so much easier:
  • 1) Develop trust
  • 2) Be flexible
  • 3) Don’t sweat the small stuff
  • Being flexible, yet maintaining firm boundaries.
  • How in the past, Nick’s need to avoid conflict outweighed his need to be honest.
  • How much easier life can become when you learn to brush (the small) things off.
  • How children feel the weight of unspoken resentment between parents.
  • How changing your attitude for the better will feed through to the other co-parent and that they are likely to start doing the same.
  • You cannot control other people.


Single Parent Podcast is on iTunes and on Facebook.

Nick on Facebook: Nick Bender



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