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My guest today is Heather Sontag, who created the company called Serene Space. She goes into people’s homes to help them organize spaces, de-clutter, and manage their time. Her work goes beyond the simple organizing of STUFF, though, because she helps people from the inside out as they find their life’s purpose and organize their LIVES. Great tips are oozing from this conversation, so join us!

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • As a mom of two and a business owner, Heather works hard to help other busy moms
  • How to de-clutter and improve your time management
  • Getting your kids involved
  • Tips for organizing kids’ chores to foster independence
  • Connecting with your own inner guidance
  • Exercises to connect with positive body emotions
  • “Better it, bag it, or barter it”—advice from Martha Beck
  • Common struggles for women that they don’t even realize!
  • How to care and nurture yourself in little ways
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly mindfulness
  • How being grounded leads to better decisions
  • Why we all need “re-do’s”
  • Clear boundaries and priorities
  • Learn when to say YES and NO
  • Empowerment from being selective about saying YES
  • Letting things go


www.ssorganize.com (Find Heather’s blog, newsletter, and information about classes!)


Upcoming Events:

Envision and Empower Your Ideal Life- January 18th

Beyond Motherhood, quarterly call- February 2nd