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My guest today is Suzan Aiken, a family law attorney who works with families going through divorce. She raised her son as a single mother and then helped raise three stepchildren in her blended family.  Suzan helps families get through divorce in a respectful and healthy way, through collaborative divorce. Join us to learn more!

More about Suzan:

Suzan Aiken is a family law attorney, mediator and collaborative law practitioner with more than twenty years of experience successfully negotiating and mediating family law settlements.

Suzan is committed to facilitating respectful negotiation and creative settlements.  Suzan approaches consensual dispute resolution with both empathy and skill.  She has been a collaborative practitioner since 1998, and a mediator for over a decade.  Since 2006, her practice has been devoted exclusively to consensual dispute resolution.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • How collaborative divorce is different as a conflict-resolution process
  • When both parties agree NOT to go to court
  • The team effort
  • How mediation factors into collaborative divorce
  • The holistic picture
  • The language around collaborative divorce
  • Parenting plans that are customized for each family
  • When collaborative divorce WON’T work
  • Feeling “heard” in the divorce process
  • Working with couples on prenuptial agreements with a different approach
  • Regrouping and revisiting prior arrangements
  • Suzan’s tips:
    • Separate your emotions from the legal system
    • Arrive at a resolution with positive, constructive efforts
    • Take a holistic look at the big picture
  • Suzan’s recent appointment as president of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals, active in 20 countries and multiple languages



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