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Drew Lamden, LCSW, has been in private psychotherapy practice for so many years and works  with families, adults, adolescents, children, Family Courts, and Family Attorneys. He is a Collaborative Law Coach and a Child Specialist.

He is Vice President of the Board of Directors of the Northern California Mediation Center, he is the Director of Schools Program, and provides clinical supervision for Community Institute for Psychotherapy. He also provides clinical supervision for Apple Family Center, and is Clinical Consultant to A Home Within. He has developed and conducted student and parent groups in the schools, and consults to attorneys, various schools, mental health training programs, clinics, crisis, and family court settings. He is also co-coordinator of the Marin Teen Mental Health Board. He is on the Clinical Faculty at Langley Porter, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, UCSF.

Show Notes 

  • What to tell and not to tell the kids , general guidelines in telling the children about divorce
  • The importance of protecting children from the harsh realities of divorce
  • The importance of postponing informing young children about adult issues
  • Waiting for children to grow more mature when giving them adult info
  • Children don’t do as well as adults too
  • Importance of having mindfulness over the children
  • Importance of good communication between the divorced parents about their children’s  well-being
  • Importance of having a business-like relationship with the co-parent
  • Can parents tell all to their children
  • How much time is needed to tell all
  • How to deal with your children’s questions
  • Children need to feel that they are loved by both parents



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