Stress levels can be high in the household of a single parent with a teenage son or daughter. In this episode, we will focus on how to connect and communicate with teenage boys.  I have invited Richard Platt, MA, LMFT of Teen Solutions Therapy to discuss how parents of teen boys can build a stronger relationship.  He and his wife jointly run Teen solutions, a teen mentoring group and parent coaching firm in Marin. They have successfully counseled hundreds of families by helping them understand their teens and offer guidance in how to connect with them.

In this episode you will learn about:

  • How to build a stronger relationship with your teens
  • Recognizing stress in your teenager
  • The 6 levels of connection with your children
  • Providing a balanced life for your teens
  • Guiding them to focus on their responsibilities
  • Preventing  depression
  • Dealing with anxiety
  • How to earn your teen’s trust
  • When to seek support for your teenage son
  • 5 tips for single parents with teen boys


Richard & Lorraine:  http://www.teensolutionstherapy.com

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